Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What Would You Do (WWYD) - #1: If the condom breaks..

Alright guys, so this is a new thing I wanted to start. Where every week I will post up a different scenario that could happen to anyone in their relationship and I want to know what you would do if you were put in that position. 

Scenario #1:
You and you're girlfriend and have been having sex regularly, one day you notice a slight leakage in the condom but choose to ignore it because you think a few drops of semen couldn't possibly impregnate her. A few weeks later you're girlfriend starts to show signs of pregnancy such as a missed period and vomiting. Upon taking a pregnancy test, you find out she's pregnant. What would you do?

Now, while abortion is an obvious choice to a lot of people because of college/university, careers and other responsibilities they have in their lives. There are just as many people against it because they believe it is immoral as the baby is alive and would want to keep the child. That's why I want to know what you would choose to do and why.

Hey, It's made some people famous!
Let me know your answers either by commenting down below or sending in your emails too:
(subject: WWYD1)

The top 5 answers in my opinion will be posted up on the blog next week!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

(Q&A) Colleges, Universities, Relationships


Should I commit long term in college/university, or is life to hectic to have a stable relationship?
Brent White (Surrey, BC)


Well Brent, this really depends on you. College/University students should probably be focused and dedicated if they aspire to achieve a higher degree such as a Masters, so if you have high goals but are the type to easily get distracted then it would be best to stay away from relationships until later on. Maintaining a long term relationship in College/University is all about being able to prioritize your life. What is more important, love or education? I will admit, it's true that most love marriages stem from college/university as most of the people have matured with age and have motives different then the ones they did in high school. Instead of just wanting sex, people want to get involved with another person on a level deeper then purely physical relations. Now it really all boils down to a few simple questions, are you ready to commit? How much faith do you have in your relationship? I think you shouldn't commit til later on in college and spend your earlier years just living life. Try to get with girls/guys, party and experience the things you won't be able to when you're in a relationship. A lot of times people rush into commitment without ever experiencing a lot of things in their lives. You should only commit to a person seriously if you know that you've "lived" and will be able to handle college plus the things in a relationship. Think about these things and then make your next step.

**Please note that this is MY opinion on this matter. If you disagree with me feel free to post what you think is right! :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

(Q&A) When should couples start having sex?


When should a couple start having sex in their relationship? 
- Anonymous (Chicago, Illinois)


Sex is something that's seen with many different perspectives. Some see it as a sacred ritual between lovers, while some have sex for leisure. In a lot of cultures, such as mine, it’s taboo to have sex before marriage, while in other cultures, sex is meaningless and you can just approach women in a bar to get it. Due to all these different factors and views on sex there’s no average time when couples first have sex. It really depends on the people, how they were brought up and their beliefs. If they’re from a religious home chances are that they share the same views so they are less likely to have sex, while if someone was more exposed to the media and had a more active social life, they would be more prone to have sex. If you are both virgins, there’s no such thing as first time driver’s insurance for sex. If you lose your virginity you can’t get it back or repair any damage done. That’s why virgin couples are hesitant in having sex and more likely to wait until marriage. They don't want to lose their virginity and regret it forever.. You have to visualize both ends of the spectrum for sex, there's the good and the bad. I'm no expert but I feel that you should start having sex once you are comfortable in your relationship and are satisfied with your partner. By satisfied I don’t mean satisfaction in bed, I'm talking about happiness and the overall health of your relationship.  You just have to stay protected because AIDs is one of the worst STDs to have, you have to be smart and not let your emotions control your decisions and make sure you're ready. Saying no to sex does not mean you are settling for less in a relationship, it means you are doing what you want and not having your decisions effected by pressure and THAT's what matters most when it comes to sex.

Why yes, yes I am.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Friend Zone: What Are You Going To Do?

My friends, the time has to come to discuss one of the most dreaded fates in the dating world. The most painful place in the dating world because you are so close to getting the girl you've always wanted but you're so far. The place where friendships are ruined and hearts are broken. The Friend-Zone.  *Insert dramatic music*

Guys, how many times has it happened where you developed feelings for a girl, treated her like a queen, were always there for her, dried her tears, bought her gifts and followed her every command? You give her all of your love and then some. Then finally you build up your confidence, walk up to her and ask her out, only to hear "You're an amazing guy and any girl would be lucky to have you but you're like my brother, I don't want to ruin our friendship."

Painful right? I know the feeling. I've been there plenty times, I've always tried to be the nice guy but then one day I just got fed up and stopped caring. I shit you not, the moment I stopped caring is when all the girls started to think of me more then a friend. It's confusing but you know the saying "even too much of a good thing can be bad for you"? Well that apparently also applies to women. 

Once you start showering them with compliments, listening to their every demand and helping them with their boyfriend problems you'll start being thought of as "one of the girls", not a potential boyfriend. First of all, complimenting a girl is not flirting. Girls compliment each other, does it mean they're flirting? No. Complimenting is just a nice gesture, same thing with being nice and comforting each other. Think about it bro, if you're showing no signs of sexual attraction and you're acting like every one of her other girl-friends, shouldn't she naturally group you with them as well? 

What you have to do is find a middle ground, be nice and show your caring side but don't smother her. Show her that you have an attraction to her that goes beyond just friend ship. 

Now this is the tricky part, here is where a lot of guys ruin their friendships by coming off too strong and creeping her the fuck out. It's not an overnight process, the first thing you should do is distance yourself from her. Don't cut off ties, just do your own thing for a while and show her you have a life outside of her. If you're giving someone constant attention and company they get used to it. So if you were to suddenly stop giving them what they expect, it's only natural for them to get confused. Some girls will get irritated and annoyed at first, while others will blow it off as nothing because they expect you to come back to them. Eventually, no matter how they initially reacted, they WILL come after you. This flips the tables, since now instead of you constantly following her, she's going to pursue you to regain that attention. 

Now this is where you redo your past steps, instead of smothering her and putting her on a pedestal. Take a calm, confident and clean approach. By clean, I mean to have your intentions known. This doesn't mean to blurt out that you love her off, you basically flirt with her and show you do have some sort of sexual attraction towards her. This will erase that past brotherly image and repaint the canvas into your favour. 

All talk apart, this job is A LOT easier said then done. I'm NOT saying this will apply to all women. I'm speaking off personal experience and telling you what has worked for me. Me and my current girlfriend were best friends for 5 years prior to going out and we have been together for 2 years now. We are both extremely happy and I won't lie, having a best friend as a girlfriend make's things a lot easier. You know each other and have trust built up from before. 

Honestly though, even if there are a few success stories and good things about getting into a relationship with a close friend, there are just as many down sides. I may have showed you a method that worked for me, but every person is different. You can't learn to win over your friend's heart on an online college or website, every situation is different. A lot of friendships get ruined because of these scenarios. It's best to try and move on unless you have really strong feelings for the girl. I'm not trying to break anyone's confidence but I really just want to help you guys out. Make your own decision, are you willing to take the risk and possibly lose your friendship?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

5 Major Turn Off's For Guys (Part. 1)

Okay, all you ladies (or men depending on which way you roll) who want to impress a guy or get him to like you, follow what I'm about to tell you. If you don't agree, shut up and read it any ways. 

1. Would you like some frosting on that? Chill with your fucking make-up.
I should not be seeing two different skin tones between your neck and face. If you think us guys don't notice, you're tripping. We're not blind. A little bit is fine, but if I scream that you're melting when it's raining.. you're over doing it. Guy's don't want to make up stains on our skin or clothing after we touch you. Do us all a favour and put the fucking brushes down.

2. Are you a fucking ostrich? Stop walking with your ass out.
If you're waddling, you're doing it wrong. Walk like a normal fucking human being. God didn't give you a spine so you can destroy it. Like I swear to god if I see one more girl walking with her ass out I'll tape your body to a pole. If your ass is small, your ass is small. Deal with it.

3. Don't take a million pictures of yourself in 500 different positions.
If you're telling yourself "Omg I'll look so pretty if I put my picture sideways," you're wrong. It confuses us. I don't understand why girls think it's necessary to flip pictures around for no reason or to take the same picture 5320492 different times with their heads just tilted in different directions. We don't care what every angle of your face just looks like, 1 picture will be fine and don't be a douche and flip that 1 picture upside down. We're not fucking owls with personal injury attorney. If our neck breaks, it's your fault and you're paying for surgery.

4. Keep your bullshit to yourself.
No, we don't care if some girl looked at you the wrong way, we don't care if your ex is flirting with another girl,  and we do not give a fuck if the top you wanted is out of stock. Now before you get offended, I'm not the only guy who thinks this. I'm willing to bet you that 99.9% of guys feel the same but they just don't say it. I mean there are people who need to go the doctors and pay a shit ton in bills because they couldn't get a car insurance quote, and you think you have problems? If you want us to like you or be attracted to you keep all that shit to the side and show us that you can have fun. Why would we want to be with someone who always complains? Every time I talk to a girl who complains a lot or bitches over every thing, the first thought that pops up in my head is "Damn, I feel bad for who ever she ends up dating." It's a straight turn off. We like girls who know how to have fun, have a sense of humour and don't flip out over every little thing.

5. You are not lint. Stop being clingy. 
If we aren't even going out, why are you treating us like your boyfriend and always questioning us on where we've been and flipping out when we talk to other girls.. That just scares us because we can picture what you'd be like as a girlfriend. Don't bitch at us if we flirt with another girl and don't interrogate us like some criminal defence lawyer until we actually start going out. If you message us every half hour asking what we're doing.... there's a problem. If you send an "I miss you" message every hour... There's a problem. I mean there are some guys who lead girls on but really you don't have to be a genius to figure it out. These days you can find out what a guy's like just by going through his facebook or seeing the kind of people he talks to.  Don't expect a guy to stick around for long if you're being the "psycho girlfriend" before you're even official.

Well, that's the end of this list. Once again, this information isn't ground breaking research or anything but a lot of girls still need to be reminded. I wrote part 1 because this is a very broad topic and I'll probably make another list of turn off's for guys, as well as "Turn Off's For Women." 

10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend

For the first lesson, we're going to start off slow. You guys should know most of these things but if you don't then you're probably cold and lonely. These statements apply to 99% of women, not all.

1) "Why don't you have a body like her?" - This is at the top because this can bring out the worst in any women. Doesn't matter who it is or if you have a sexual relationship with them or not. If you say this to a girl she will most likely give you the nastiest stare you have ever seen. It will make you die a little inside. Women are very sensitive about their looks and bodies so saying like this is just targeting their insecurities. Comparing your girlfriend to another woman in ANY way, is basically putting yourself in a spot where you will NEVER win.

2) "I forgot it was our anniversary today..." - Seriously bro, you can put on puppy faces for life and she will not forgive you. Women are cold and mean people, they don't give a mother fuck that you're "so sorry" or "regretting it." You forget once and it will haunt you for the rest of your life. 10 years later on another anniversary you somehow by the grace of god managed to remember, she's going to look you in the eye and say "I still can't believe you forgot our anniversary that time. You don't give a fuck a bout this relationship!" and at that point you'll start seeing all chances of you getting it in fading away. Damn, even talking about it painful..

3) "Don't take your period out on me."/"Go change your diaper". - Those will be the last words out of your mouth before she shanks your left nut. Saying that to a woman on her period is like running through airport security saying, "TALIBAN FO LYFEEE!" It won't end well. The best thing to do when your girl is on her period is too suppress your anger, keep your mouth shut and walk away from arguments. Specially on the first couple days, YOU CAN'T WIN.

4) "My Ex had amazing hair." - You stupid motherfucker, Refer to #1, last sentence. Let's get a few things clear, your girlfriend will have different levels of hatred towards girls. The most hated girls are your Ex's and your hot girl-friends. The mid-tier girls who they sort of hate but don't care for at the same time are the hot girls you check out at the mall, the one's they don't like/don't care for would be the average/ugly girls. Now your girlfriend's main goal is going to be to insult your Ex's to a point where even you start to hate them with your life. Saying ANYTHING nice about your Ex is going to be taken as a slap to the face. So don't mention your Ex, hate your Ex, forget she ever existed and you will be fine. :)

5) "Stop crying."/"Relax" - This will seriously make her cry even more or make her even angrier. A mesothelioma cancer lawyer is rarer then a woman who will actually listen to that statement. This will make her even more frustrated and cause her to start saying shit like "YOU SHOULD BE COMFORTING ME!," "WHAT KIND OF SHITTY BOYFRIEND ARE YOU?!?!" So take my advice, if they cry, hold them and don't say anything. It's the best way to go.

6) "I don't care." - Guys who say this are basically looking for an argument. Girls WANT you to care, so if you tell them the exact opposite, it's obviously going to trigger anger. You should always make them feel like every little thing that has to do with them holds meaning to you. Even if you don't give a flying fuck about what she's saying, suck it up and listen. If she asks you on an opinion NEVER say "I don't care," they will just get frustrated and angry. I admit, it's not as simple as it sounds but you should atleast put in an effort.

7) "I want to put it in your butt." - What, do you have like fucking down syndrome? You don't say that to a girl, keep your perverted fantasies to yourself until you actually get it on. If you want you girl to do things you like sexually, then you have to do things she likes that aren't sexual. That mean's listening to her, complimenting her, showing her you care, buying her presents and letting her know you love her. Now hear me out, NEVER lie to a girl for sex. They WILL find out, they got this inner sensor for lies in them. They can tell when you're trying too hard or lieing for sex. Just act like a good boyfriend and eventually you'll get what you want. 

8) Girl: "Who's hotter, me or her?"
    You: "I don't know.. It doesn't matter." - WRONG
RIGHT ANSWER: "Of course it's you baby, she's just some next hoe."
Before you start saying "BUT..BUT.. YOU SAID NEVER TO LIE!!!", there are things you should lie about and things you shouldn't lie about, if you are making your girlfriend feel good, it's acceptable since it's not for your own selfish needs. When you reply to a question like that with an "I don't know" or "Why does it matter..?" She hears it as you saying "wow you ugly bitch, obviously she's the hotter one." So yeah, ALWAYS say its her and don't just say it casually. You have too sell your point, make her believe it, otherwise you can say goodbye to happy times.

9) "Why aren't you wearing any make-up..?" - Okay look, girls usually feel naked around anyone without make-up, it's a necessity in their life. So if your girlfriends comfortable enough to be make-up free around you then she expects you not to notice it and still find her beautiful. It's normal for them to be always wearing make-up in the early stages of the relationships but you can't expect them to always be dressed up for the rest of your relationship. So don't be a dick, if your girlfriend isn't wearing any make-up it's a good thing because she trusts you to find her beautiful regardless.

10) *Insert any excuse* - Girls of all shapes and sizes, HATE excuses. Trust me on this one, you're better off just saying your stuff straight up instead of trying to cover up with excuses. For one, half of you guys don't know how to make excuses and end up sounded retarded and the other half make excuses all the time so they become unbelievable. It's okay to make excuses at times but don't rely on them to get you away from your girlfriend's anger. Like I said before it's going to be easier to get mesothelioma cancer lawyer, then to find a girl who will always buy your excuses.

So that's the end of my list, like I said before. They may be common knowledge to some of you but not everyone knows this. There are also a few guys who know but continue to do them any ways. Do yourself and your girlfriend a favour by just NOT saying these things. Life will be easier, trust me. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Teenage Love = Car Wreck?

Nowadays the term "I Love You" is tossed around like a prostitute on the Vegas strip. It doesn't really hold meaning any more, people are infatuated with the idea of being in love and fail to recognize what real love is. Like every other day I see a new relationship pop up on Facebook and the conversation always goes like this:

Martha is in a relationship with Henry.

Random girl: OMGGGG NO WAY!!! 
Martha: omgggg i knowwwwww, i fully LOVE him!<333
Henry: awww i love you more boo<33333
Martha: nooooo i dooo!
Henry: believee me, i love u moree<33333
Random girl: you guys are soo fucking cute, can't wait till you get married ;)
and so on..

It's like yo, shut the fuck up, you don't love each other and no one's getting married. You can't say you love someone just because you started going out with them. 90% of the time, girls say "i love you" to their new boyfriends because they misinterpret a sense of excitement as love. They want to tell everyone they're going out, "claim" their property and also because feel they HAVE to say it.

In the movie's, it's always about falling in love and it throws peoples mind state's into this false reality that even the slightest bit of attraction is love. There's never any middle ground, but people have to understand it's a motherfucking MOVIE. Why do you treat it like your bible? It's possible for someone to just have a slight attraction toward someone else without labelling it as love.

While on the other hand, 90% of the time guys will be saying it to flatter their girlfriend just so they can get a move in or we say it because our girl said it first and we don't want to be dicks. I'm not saying EVERY guy says it for that exact reason but a lot of us do. I personally didn't say I love you until i knew i had the right one. Otherwise I would be lieing to myself and the girl.

Seriously, people need to get auto insurance quotes because all their relationships end up like car wrecks. The only thing is, you can't get an automotive insurance quote to fix on this highway of broken hearts. Love isn't when someone buys you nice things, give you compliments or take's you places. Sure those are parts of it but anyone can be with you through the happy times but only people that actually love you will stick around through the darkness. You know you love someone if you're ready to give up anything in the world for them, or are willing to do anything to make them happy. 

I'm not saying it's impossible to be in love when you're a teenager because on rare occasions, couples make it through, get married and go on living their lives happily. But notice how I said RARE. Keyword: RARE.

Consider this:
If someone was giving you $1,000,000, a mansion + Ferrari AND was willing to pay insurance for them forever, would you pick those things or the person you're with right now?

Need help with the opposite sex? Ye, you're in the right place.


Okay, so let me start off by saying, I'm not someone speaking off only what I've read online or in books. I've hooked up with plenty girls, been in relationships and me and my current girlfriend have been together for the past 2 years. So yea, I know what I'm talking about. 

Anyways, this blog is basically for anyone who needs advice with people of the opposite sex. It can range from getting the girl of your dreams to just hooking up with someone for a day. 

Don't get me wrong though, this blog isn't limited to just guys, I'm more then willing to help out the ladies too. I can tell you girls things that can cause your boyfriend to break up with you and I can tell my fellow dudes things that will get you guys laid fo sho. 

You can expect posts where I answer questions, share my own stories, give tips and show you tricks that will definitely benefit your love life.

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