Saturday, December 3, 2011

5 Major Turn Off's For Guys (Part. 1)

Okay, all you ladies (or men depending on which way you roll) who want to impress a guy or get him to like you, follow what I'm about to tell you. If you don't agree, shut up and read it any ways. 

1. Would you like some frosting on that? Chill with your fucking make-up.
I should not be seeing two different skin tones between your neck and face. If you think us guys don't notice, you're tripping. We're not blind. A little bit is fine, but if I scream that you're melting when it's raining.. you're over doing it. Guy's don't want to make up stains on our skin or clothing after we touch you. Do us all a favour and put the fucking brushes down.

2. Are you a fucking ostrich? Stop walking with your ass out.
If you're waddling, you're doing it wrong. Walk like a normal fucking human being. God didn't give you a spine so you can destroy it. Like I swear to god if I see one more girl walking with her ass out I'll tape your body to a pole. If your ass is small, your ass is small. Deal with it.

3. Don't take a million pictures of yourself in 500 different positions.
If you're telling yourself "Omg I'll look so pretty if I put my picture sideways," you're wrong. It confuses us. I don't understand why girls think it's necessary to flip pictures around for no reason or to take the same picture 5320492 different times with their heads just tilted in different directions. We don't care what every angle of your face just looks like, 1 picture will be fine and don't be a douche and flip that 1 picture upside down. We're not fucking owls with personal injury attorney. If our neck breaks, it's your fault and you're paying for surgery.

4. Keep your bullshit to yourself.
No, we don't care if some girl looked at you the wrong way, we don't care if your ex is flirting with another girl,  and we do not give a fuck if the top you wanted is out of stock. Now before you get offended, I'm not the only guy who thinks this. I'm willing to bet you that 99.9% of guys feel the same but they just don't say it. I mean there are people who need to go the doctors and pay a shit ton in bills because they couldn't get a car insurance quote, and you think you have problems? If you want us to like you or be attracted to you keep all that shit to the side and show us that you can have fun. Why would we want to be with someone who always complains? Every time I talk to a girl who complains a lot or bitches over every thing, the first thought that pops up in my head is "Damn, I feel bad for who ever she ends up dating." It's a straight turn off. We like girls who know how to have fun, have a sense of humour and don't flip out over every little thing.

5. You are not lint. Stop being clingy. 
If we aren't even going out, why are you treating us like your boyfriend and always questioning us on where we've been and flipping out when we talk to other girls.. That just scares us because we can picture what you'd be like as a girlfriend. Don't bitch at us if we flirt with another girl and don't interrogate us like some criminal defence lawyer until we actually start going out. If you message us every half hour asking what we're doing.... there's a problem. If you send an "I miss you" message every hour... There's a problem. I mean there are some guys who lead girls on but really you don't have to be a genius to figure it out. These days you can find out what a guy's like just by going through his facebook or seeing the kind of people he talks to.  Don't expect a guy to stick around for long if you're being the "psycho girlfriend" before you're even official.

Well, that's the end of this list. Once again, this information isn't ground breaking research or anything but a lot of girls still need to be reminded. I wrote part 1 because this is a very broad topic and I'll probably make another list of turn off's for guys, as well as "Turn Off's For Women." 


MUFCfollowers said...

Haha, that's a no-nonsense approach! I was not expecting this lmao. I thought it would be a list of mushy bullshit. +followed!

Anonymous said...

aha this makes me laugh keep it coming :)

M Fawful said...

Also, I hate when women cry for no reason. Whats the deal with that ladies??

Anonymous said...

lmfu this shit is hilarious....funny enough in my situation im the no bullshitting gf and my bf is the soft mushy cushy 1 that i totally flip out on regularly coz ul swear he is the female in the relationship

Anonymous said...

haha fuckin gold was hittin a piece and droped it so fuckin funny keep them pourin out.

Trevor McSamuel Kave said...

hahahahaaa :D some more!!!!!!!!!!!!

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