Sunday, December 18, 2011

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Should I commit long term in college/university, or is life to hectic to have a stable relationship?
Brent White (Surrey, BC)


Well Brent, this really depends on you. College/University students should probably be focused and dedicated if they aspire to achieve a higher degree such as a Masters, so if you have high goals but are the type to easily get distracted then it would be best to stay away from relationships until later on. Maintaining a long term relationship in College/University is all about being able to prioritize your life. What is more important, love or education? I will admit, it's true that most love marriages stem from college/university as most of the people have matured with age and have motives different then the ones they did in high school. Instead of just wanting sex, people want to get involved with another person on a level deeper then purely physical relations. Now it really all boils down to a few simple questions, are you ready to commit? How much faith do you have in your relationship? I think you shouldn't commit til later on in college and spend your earlier years just living life. Try to get with girls/guys, party and experience the things you won't be able to when you're in a relationship. A lot of times people rush into commitment without ever experiencing a lot of things in their lives. You should only commit to a person seriously if you know that you've "lived" and will be able to handle college plus the things in a relationship. Think about these things and then make your next step.

**Please note that this is MY opinion on this matter. If you disagree with me feel free to post what you think is right! :)


Crisalys said...

Well, this is great advice, and I agree completely on the fact that at the end it depends on whether the person can afford to commit in a relationship while in college.

Anonymous said...

I think you should be able to get both things going. You don't have to choose option A or B ;)

H03 said...

I kind of agree with this because most guys who dont experience anything before a committed relationship will be immature and then would end up leaving or cheating when another girl comes along. If a guy who already experienced the single life will get tired of it and would be ready to commit themselves in a relationship.

M Fawful said...

Some people can prioritize and divide their attention without suffering, other people can't. You have to know which you are first.

Anonymous said...

I'm not getting into anything before I'm certain I'm financially secured for life.

Anonymous said...

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