Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What Would You Do (WWYD) - #1: If the condom breaks..

Alright guys, so this is a new thing I wanted to start. Where every week I will post up a different scenario that could happen to anyone in their relationship and I want to know what you would do if you were put in that position. 

Scenario #1:
You and you're girlfriend and have been having sex regularly, one day you notice a slight leakage in the condom but choose to ignore it because you think a few drops of semen couldn't possibly impregnate her. A few weeks later you're girlfriend starts to show signs of pregnancy such as a missed period and vomiting. Upon taking a pregnancy test, you find out she's pregnant. What would you do?

Now, while abortion is an obvious choice to a lot of people because of college/university, careers and other responsibilities they have in their lives. There are just as many people against it because they believe it is immoral as the baby is alive and would want to keep the child. That's why I want to know what you would choose to do and why.

Hey, It's made some people famous!
Let me know your answers either by commenting down below or sending in your emails too:
(subject: WWYD1)

The top 5 answers in my opinion will be posted up on the blog next week!


Michael Westside said...

I'd flee the country. I hear Thailand is both cheap and nice.

Anonymous said...

I would let my girl pick if she wants to get an abortion or not. If she doesn't, I'd surely move to Siberia and spend the rest of my life making Stalin's railway. Can't be any worse than taking care of a newborn.

Anonymous said...

i'd let her chose if she wants to keep it dump her if not fuck her all night every night with condoms that dont break

Anonymous said...

I'll discuss the situation with her father... and will see how can I encash it ;)

Anonymous said...

Run forest Run

Anonymous said...

I would say.. do you wanna keep it or not.. than ill go with it.... :P

Anonymous said...

Check if she wants the baby or not like previously said but unlike you bunch of amateurs and 5 year old lads. I would stick by her every decision. Not run away like a little boy.

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